Upright Grand is a term usually referring to 50" and taller upright pianos. Due to their towering height, these instruments usually had string lengths and soundboard size close to actual grand pianos, thus being labeled Upright Grand. They were often the top of the line upright made by a manufacturer.

Upright Grand

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The defining characteristic of the spinet is its drop action (sometimes called indirect blow action). Thanks to the drop action, spinet pianos can be made very small; the top of a spinet rises only a few inches above the level of the keyboard itself.


Console pianos are the shortest pianos to have a direct blow action. They have a compact action (shorter hammers and no sticker), and are a few inches shorter than studio models. They are usually 40 to 44 inches tall.


Studio pianos are 44 to 45 inches tall. This is the shortest cabinet that can accommodate a full-sized action located above the keyboard.

Studio Upright

Treble ClefSpinet Action ModelConsole Action ModelStudio Upright Action Model
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