Pinblock and tuning pins of a Charles Walter piano.

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General Information-††††

†††† Pianos are similar to guitars, violins, and other stringed instruments. They donít like temperature or humidity changes. Whenever you heat or cool wood it will expand or contract; in a piano that means youíll change the tuning if you let the micro-climate around your piano alter too much. Try to keep the piano in a stable environment. Avoid putting the piano by an outside wall, window, heating duct, woodstove, or other heat source. Inside walls are best.

†††† Your piano is an excellent example of restrained tension. The 240+ strings in the piano are each held at an average of 165 to 195 lbs. of tension. The math works out to 40,000lbs. of stress on the frame and cast-iron plate. 20 tons in small pianos and, as grand pianos have more strings, the tension stretches to over 30 tons in 9ft. Concert Grands. Honest. Now you know why pianos are so heavy; they are built to keep the instrument from literally tearing itself apart. The massive wooden framing and cast-iron plate are where the weight comes from.


†††† Every piano builder in the world will suggest tuning your piano 2 to 4 times a year! This doesnít happen, in general, for anything but teacher pianos, performance pianos (which are tuned before every concert), and school pianos (which are generally tuned at least twice a year). We have found that the Oregon Coast is very forgiving to piano owners, and will let MOST people tune their pianos once a year.


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Yamaha P22 hammers, strings and tuning pins.

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pinblock and tuning pins of a Charles Walter pianoYamaha P22 hammers, strings and tuning pins.
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